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[Guide] Smelting

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  • [Guide] Smelting

    Gears, mount shards, unusable materials galore. Sometimes there are just too many unnecessary items taking up space in your inventory; therefore, League of Angels will be introducing a brand new event in which you can smelt those unwanted materials into awesome new items!
    Click on the event icon “Smelting” Click image for larger version

Name:	Smelting Icon.jpg
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ID:	1760262 on the left hand side of the screen to open up the panel. Available materials for smelting will appear in the event inventory along with a list of reward outputs. Simply select the materials you wish to smelt, and the output reward you’d like to receive from smelting.

    Click image for larger version

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ID:	1760263

    1. The Smelting inventory shows all available materials players can use to smelt for a new reward.
    2. Players may select up to 5 different kinds of materials to smelt.
    3. Each material and each reward has a different value, be sure to make sure your material values match your output values. Also note that excess value from resource materials will not be returned after smelting.
    4. Only one reward can be smelted at a time and each reward can only be smelted a certain number of times each day.
    5. There’s a chance for players to receive a bonus reward from smelting. This bonus reward will not influence stock quantity.
    6. Output rewards are guaranteed through smelting.
    7. After smelting, the materials or items you have selected will disappear forever. So be careful when selecting materials if you don't want something to be used.

    1. Reward stocks reset daily during the event.
    2. Smelting is a timed event; make sure to use it while you have the chance!

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    the "reward bonus" is a different type of reward/unique ? or is a bonus of the same item u exchanged ?


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      why not exchange for other clothes/wings/angels/mount to make complete sets


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        Originally posted by ajax408 View Post
        why not exchange for other clothes/wings/angels/mount to make complete sets
        That would make them lose some money, helping the others complete their armor/wings/mounts/angels while some players pay for them.
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          When this "Event" will show up?

          p.s. nvm i see it now
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            Hmm I don't see it on S147.
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              Still dont have this on S109


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                still missing for S40/UA20


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                  some may not have it yet cause its not reset yet. so far only the oceanic servers have it i believe. so be patient and you should see it after your server resets.


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                    it's extremely limited on what you can actually smelt
                    I still have
                    - Easter Bunny Shards
                    - Phoenix Wing Shards
                    - Godless Wolf Shards
                    - Wings of Gold Shards
                    - Odin's Gleaming Shards

                    That's just a small list, but none of them give show up in the smelting window, and now Wheel of Luck gives me Amoras Shards and I already have her


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                      well my excitement quickly smelted into disappointment


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                        Originally posted by po1NNNt View Post
                        That would make them lose some money, helping the others complete their armor/wings/mounts/angels while some players pay for them.
                        and your point would be,... what again? who's to say those items weren't paid for in the first place? don't assume that just because someone has an item, it was free.


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                          Why so little shards are accepted in smelting? I have loads others extra....
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                            True.. I wish I can get rid of "Glacial Wolf Soul Shard". I got plenty but can't synth them unless the event come out again
                            Also Bunny shard, gold wings, saintly angel, blade wings, leprechaun.. oops. That's too much. lol
                            I hope when Smelting comes out again on another time, the things that you can smelt also changes.
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                              and not like this, wherein u need to do them very tediously.... make them like beach... accumulated points... then decide for the exchange afterwards...............