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  • Introduction

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    Weapons boost your physical attack (PATK);

    Clothing boosts your physical defense (PDEF);
    Pants increase your magical defense (MDEF);
    Helmets increase your hit points (HP);
    Rings increase your critical strike (Crit) and Hit rate;
    Boots boost your Agility;

    Equipment Quality
    Different colors represent different quality equipment in League of Angels - from white (Common), to green (Uncommon), blue (Rare), purple (Epic), orange (Legendary), and ultimately red (Mythic). Each set of different equipment gives different stat boosts - and a different set bonus.

    How to Arm Yourself
    Blitz Dungeons: this is the best way to materials needed for synthing weapons;
    Erebus Drops: find materials for synthing helmets, clothing and boots here;
    Team Dungeon: you’ll come across materials for synthing boots, pants and accessories - as well as prints for synthing rings;
    Arena Drops: don’t forget to collect prints for synthing weapons, helmets and clothing from the Arena, as well as materials for synthing pants;
    You’ll find most weapons through in main quest drops or by slaying monsters.

    As we continue to develop and improve League of Angels, new updates may slightly change the appearance or effects of systems and classes in-game. Where any discrepancy between game and guide occurs, in-game data shall take precedence. If you discover any errors, bugs or inconsistencies please contact us immediately and we will fix it during the next update.

  • #2
    i made wrong step about equip in level 60 ...
    so im lose my 25% Rage that make me so weak and lose rank in arena and class might
    tell me how to repair it


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      You need to have a COMPLETE SET in order to get the set bonus of +25 Rage. To correct it, you need to get all level 60 gears for that character and wear it.