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League of Angels What You Need to Know

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    From what I read some posts are talking about different stage of the game (characters level). Which leads to some misunderstanding.
    I guess most 75+ players will agree on the advice to not recruit KoB...


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      damage dealers are op in loa ...cuz of the full rage build is a must .....whaaa


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        seems l8 game all classes become kinda similar dam output and the main tactics is stack dodge on main and use other heroes to deal dam/meat shield so ur main live as long as pos to out put dam to enemy


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          OK the year is 2014 and the months is December! So everything you all have said is useless by now! I'm am a lv 68 berserker and do I like it? Well I always choose warriors and I know my facts. Classes are pretty much useless now considering the fact that the developers are constantly throwing away MYTHIC GEAR heap that's right, you know the red gear that can be enhanced to lv 100, everyone has it and I get my *** wooped pretty much 90 percent of the time in Cross server and in team arena! I don't know what to say I mean for that, at this stage the game is obviously pay to win so the players who are taking this *naughty words* seriously, please try to get a ps4 or a PC and then complain, because this is just na a a. Seriously I have 500k battle ratting and my level is 68 and I get beaten by level 60s and they all have mythic gear so it is just no use.
          By the way the strongest in our server is a berserker who have 2 million be and he has Hecate or what ever (the healer) it have over 1.4million be and it will get will not get killed at all. It will surview more than 20 rounds from an angle. Imagine he only has 2 million and there are ones with 4 million be wow real loosers fat *naughty words*. If I really wanted to be the 1st in the world, I can do it right here and right now and wipe it all over their faces and laugh while at it, but that's cruel any way cheers for the posts!
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            Actually after the introduction of Awakening anything here becomes useless as you can use Hero skills on your main. (well most of them - and some from other classes.)
            [S19] Bahold Castle - Solaria Luna - Warrior - Lv75
            [S75] Secret Sanctum - Hunter - Lv38
            League of Angels
            [s147/ua25] Thane of Winter Sorceror - Lv79
            Eternal Saga - Ranger - Retired
            Lunaria Story - Elementalist - Pretty much retired

            That being said character names in games I play is Solariai


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              Originally posted by Solariai View Post
              Actually after the introduction of Awakening anything here becomes useless as you can use Hero skills on your main. (well most of them - and some from other classes.)
              2 ES's in the party WOOT! OP stuff bro
              Lord 'de la juNk'