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Mount Question

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  • Mount Question

    I was told that mount training boost stats of entire party and should be lvled more then heros . Then while i was watching dominion i saw 2.8 k hp mermaid while mount buff was 13k O.o . I removed all armor from my zwei and he was left with 15k hp (8k was from training ) and started a fight ... he was still on 15k (mine mount buff 12k ) . Sooo .... what's the deal? Was i misinformed ?

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    Yes you were. The heroes have there own "train" tab. The mount is your main hero "train" If you go to mount tab it even shows "Player" Patk "Player" Pdef Etc
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      I think Mount only boost your player stat and not party stat as I remember it made announcement when I play the game. Correct me if I am wrong.