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Help for Sorcerer build

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  • Help for Sorcerer build

    Atm im still a lvl44 mage but preparing for the sub class to choose, i was planning to be a sorcerer. So can you guys please give me some guides for:
    *Gems to use
    *Heroes to use
    *What skill i should use and upgrade
    and etc.

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    Just a few quick pointers:

    Ofc you want the Standard Gems on each piece : MATK, HP, both DEFs. Last Slot would be Crit mostly, though a lot of people experiment with Block/Dodge/Agility/End. When progressing further in Levels, you will find there are different Gem Setups for different purposses.

    Heroes, you aim for Nether Knight and Djinni (Tier1 Topaz ). Before you can get those, I think its best to go with Zweihander, Mermaid, Shadowraith and a Dmg Dealer.

    Level your passives to max. SchockTherapy, Frostbite, Fireball need to get maxed. Schock is THE PvE opener, Fireball mostly used on PvP ( unless Wall of Flame is more beneficial ). Scorch is not necessray to get maxed, but also mostly useless unless maxed. Imho, it can be maxed once you have the important passives and Wall of Flames - which you open at lvl 60 - maxed out.

    I am sure there are different opinions about all this, and it will be beneficial for you to get as many opinions/as much advice as you can. In addition, read Guides in Forums. Then make up your own mind .

    Njoy the Game .
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    ( just in case you missed them the first time )


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      Meditron's advices are helpful. As sorcerer, your weakness is defense, so make sure you have knight to defense you and have defense gem. Most players use standard gem slots as Meditron mentioned, MATK, DEF, MDEF, and HP since they are permanent. Block, Dodge, Crit, etc gem are random. You don't need to use them since you will save some socket rods for later weapons gem slots.

      Have as least one knight as recruiting heroes since they can be tank or defense for you. I use Djinn later since she can heal a whole party, so very helpful. Recruiting heroes are up to your choosing and playing style. Some heroes has high defense while another has high attack. Try to recruit heroes with previous weapons, so you don't have to change it or trace them back which can slow your hero battle rating down.

      As for skill, I am a Berseeker, so I don't know what Sorcerer has. I play level them from small to high for each because you need a lot of warsoul for level up skill. They are all important. Upgrade what you prefer first or important first. Attack is usually useful to upgrade since you done high damage to enemy and good for world boss collecting gold. Then defense for you because you need it. Another can do later on. Those skill with special effect should upgrade too. Don't max them first, just upgrade a bit for all. Hope it help.

      Just enjoy the game, you will gain experience and knowledge. You will learn from the game and you will be good at it when you are ready to play second time, which I am waiting for it . Enjoy!
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