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Complete Guide for the Beginner or Careful Expert - Tested on S[1,27,66,93,98,104]

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  • Complete Guide for the Beginner or Careful Expert - Tested on S[1,27,66,93,98,104]

    Player name: Death
    Server: 104 (US West)
    Guild: HYOO HYOO

    Hello and welcome!
    This guide is a complete tutorial from start to finish on how to play League of Angels.

    All information provided in this article is relative to version 3.0055 US

    The way the information will be broken down:
    • Day 1 - Leveling and Gearing Up
    • Day 2 - Finalizing Your Hero
    • Specialty Information

    And now let's cut to the chase and get ourselves prepared for a new server opening!

    DAY 1: Leveling and Gearing Up

    On day one you will notice that you start off in the normal environment, a level 1 unnamed hero who appears to awake in a dreamland of sorts.
    If you are a competitive player, ignore the story completely, this will help you gain an edge on everyone else in the early game.

    BE AWARE: THERE WILL BE PLAYERS WHO USE MONEY, do not be discouraged just because you lost your #1 spot because of them. This will happen.

    Level your hero as fast as you can, think of a name BEFORE you start playing as you will encounter a name entry screen, time is money and if you waste it thinking of a name, you've let someone else get ahead of you.

    >>Just to know! - The warrior class has the advantage in the early game as the Daily Login rewards favor the warrior class with PATK gems.

    As your are leveling, once you obtain the ability to upgrade skills, be sure to ONLY upgrade your Fierce Attack and Strong Body skills. These are essential and will give you the maximum HP/ATK as early as possible.

    >>Question: What does "MATK/PATK/HP growth +n" mean?
    The skills that grow imply they grow over time per level. The higher level these skills are, the more of the stat you get per level.
    Ex: If Fierce Attack is 9/9 and you are a warrior, every level you gain will give you +15 PATK. If Strong Body is 9/9, every level you gain will give you +52 HP. These stats do indeed grow but they need to be gained as early as possible.

    You now have gemology unlocked. Be sure to try to make gem combos of at least 4 or more as this will lend you the most points.

    Once you get your gems, be sure to quickly synth them into higher grade gems and socket them.
    Gem priority goes as such: HP > PATK/MATK > PDEF/MDEF > AGI
    Advanced gem priority: Block > Dodge > Crit > End > Hit

    You should now have at a minimum 500k gold.
    This is the BARE minimum to enhance 1 peerless gear piece from Enhance +0 to Enhance +20.
    If you cash, you should have at least 1m and approximately 1.5m.
    This will give you the chance to increase 3 peerless gear pieces to Enhance +20 from Enhance +0.

    Gear enhance priority order:
    Helm > Mail/Greaves > Weapon > Ring > Boots

    Once you get your arena unlocked, be sure to sweep and clear whoever is there ASAP. Point priority goes to whoever gets the most points first.
    If someone happens to have the same amount of points as you but they got there second, they will not succeed you on the ranking board.
    Be sure to PAY ATTENTION to your cool-downs, especially on the arena.
    I would enter my arena at least 30 seconds before the cool-down ended to be absolutely sure I got whoever I could when it was available.

    >>Question: What if there's someone in my arena who I can't beat?
    Is that person in your guild? If so, be polite and ask them to "strip" for you to help you out. They'll most likely oblige as you are guild mates.
    Is that person a stranger? Well, here's how you work this out.
    1 - Have you defeated everyone else weaker than you successfully?
    2 - If there is only 1 person left and you have 6 attempts (1st round), do not challenge them. Either wait for the arena to refresh, or get stronger quickly and beat them. If you have 1 attempt (2nd round), go ahead and fight them if you want, but be sure you compare your stats. It is ALWAYS a good thing to gain the rewards of a fight, even if you will lose (don't take this the wrong way)

    You have completed your arena fights, and you are now Lv30.

    It's time for UPGRADES.

    In terms of upgrades, what do we upgrade first? Well, for a fact it is absolutely NOT your heroes. Your mount is your highest priority and it is essential to your overall strength. BUT there is one exception. Since this server is newly started, upgrade your Rose Knight 3 times (DO NOT USE ONE-CLICK). In the New Player Rewards section you will be able to collect a reward of 20 soulstones. This is a very good investment.

    If you have Clash of Might, be sure to open that ASAP as well so you can claim the #1 spot. Check every 2-5 minutes to make sure you have an available fight but do NOT go under 5 attempts remaining before 18:00 server time.

    Now, on the first day you should be able to get your mount to rare quality.
    Your main hero's stats will be very happy with your work.

    By now, your BR should be at LEAST 15k for a non-cash player, or 20~22k for a cash player.

    Continue leveling and doing your loop quests till you reach level 33. This is the HIGHEST level obtainable for day 1 non-cash players with the exception of good time management, then you just might hit level 34 but it's rare.
    If you cash, you should be at LEAST level 33, with the possibility that you bought extra Team Dungeon attempts for more exp. Levels 34/35 are more easily obtainable if you spent your diamonds in Team Dungeon attempts.

    As far as attempts go, if you plan on being as strong as can be, this is how you should manage your attempts if you want to buy more.

    Team Dungeon > Arena (If you lost #1) > Clash of Might > Gemology > World Boss Adv. Morale Boost > Wyrm Race (if you didn't attack all lv25 fossrindil wyrms)

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    Interesting. I was told on gems that I need P Atck, M Def, P def, Hitpoints, crit was told hit and agil are worthless so was thinking either dodge or block or some of each.