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Sorcerer dodge/block

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  • Sorcerer dodge/block


    I read somewhere that block better is than dodge.. Is that true?
    I know that dodge means no damage and block only the half damage.. But dodge depends on opponents Hit, while Block doesn't depend on something - 2k block is 2k block..

    So what do you think? Should I play with higher block than dodge or not? I mean.. I don't think that I as Sorcerer can have more Block than Dodge, because of the Skill that give me/us Dodge, but Should I swap/exchange the dodge gems for block?
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    I would go with dodge...when you have a dodge rating in excess of 5k, you will dodge quite often. Maybe not vs main's but def against heroes. Dodging Angel attacks is nice too


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      with new enchant feature for ring which increase dodge by 2% each upgrade, dodge became powerfull.

      i got 4.5k dodge and win capricorn with more than 30 dodge XD (512k BR - Sorcerer)

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