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About totem setting

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  • About totem setting

    Here is a screenshot of my totem setting and really I need to know what it stand for ...

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Setshot_1.jpg
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    As in screenshot my totems are all garnet in setting and I have from left to right and top to bottom

    Fire totem level7

    healing totem level 18

    wolf totem level 7

    charm totem level 6

    and serpent totem level 6

    I see a button with top / middle / bottom

    but since we have this new boost there is no way to know what it is all about ...

    does the totems concern the hole party or only the main ?

    is top /middle/bottom related to armors or to the setting or to anything else ?

    the only thing we sure know is that you get a BR boost when you set up the totems.

    An explanation would be great for understanding how to set totems to get the best out of them.

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    All the stats listed on the right hand side is the combination of the 5 of ur chosen totems and they apply to everyone in party.

    Only the main totem is deployed in battle, the other 4 just provides stat boost.

    Top/middle/bottom is the position of deployed totem in battle. U can see it in ur party formations, there are 3 positions available.
    This is Eisia


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      Well thanks for the clearence I was not aware about the position of the totem in battle I now understand why my totem changes place when I log back. Anyway I think this is not usefull cause most of the time you need to change the totem position in battle for efficiency reasons .... (like placing the totem in front of the ennemy main line.

      I hope this will help a lot of players that like me had some problems to figure out totem setting