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about team tourny wager's reward

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  • about team tourny wager's reward

    when will the wager's reward will be send via mail? cause the last time the wager's reward was send after the top 64 matches. but now the wager's reward is has not been send yet dunno why. is it just me?

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    no it has always been after all fights are done, really few people READ what it says in event, go to TT again and read what it says, it says "REWARDS WILL BE SENT WHEN WHOLE TT IS OVER WHEN ALL BATTLES ARE FOUGHT" read people read lol
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      with only 1 remark . wagers arent considered rewards and they were indeed been given after each set of fights ended with the exception of 1st team tournament when they were given like 1 week after . prolly same sort of bug


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        totaly agree, with exception of first TT which was bugged on wagers, all wagers were mailed after each round! Looks as if it is bugged again. I did clearly read, what it refers to is the chests for placement.
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          yeah. i think its bug... rewards are for those qualifiers only..