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Team Tournament wager...

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  • Team Tournament wager...

    Wagers was not mailed after each round ...

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    TT wager

    Anyone got TT wagers already?


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      TT rewards are now collectable, and still no wagers recieved....


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          damn nothing already got my 1st runner up prize.... no wager!!! i put wager on all participants!!!


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            its already reset at oceanic server... no WAGER PRIZE!!!
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              S151 and no wayer here


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                It's bug'd out on all the servers once a mod see's it he will proly report it just wait a bit
                [Guild] [Genius]Maraminx : half of the people went the wrong way
                [Guild] [Genius]Maraminx : we merged with idiots


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                  in the last 2 team tournaments, it has said i collected server rewards, when i didn't


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                    ok hope to get all my wager... i put wager on all participants lol


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                      server:snakemoor fen

                      i wagered on all participants(almost)but didnt receive mail with reward

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	un_2.gif
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Name:	Untitled.gif
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ID:	1693866
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                        Team Tournament wager...

                        For what i spent voucher,there is rewerd,event end and nothing,maybe is a problem thit wager...,can help me someoane? =/
                        Click image for larger version

Name:	asdggg.png
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ID:	1693865
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Name:	asdgsdghjjkl.jpg
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ID:	1693868
                        IGN: Stickes
                        Server: : [S148] Undertaker's Fee
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                          Cross tournament wagers!


                          I would like to know when and how long will it take for you to send the wagers in inbox. As i remember last tournament, wagers were sent after each round of fights.I am not talking about the chests, i am talking about the vouchers i used to bet on each team i chose for each fight. Forgive me if i may seem a bit ironic but i do not like to lose almost 5000 vouchers for nothing,i do have better use for them as i am sure others who have the same problem,agree with me. Now...i have waited patiently for all fights to end and the game to refresh, i have checked my inbox and surprise....nothing. I strongly advise the mods NOT to ignore this thread as i am not the kind of person to upset, i STILL play this game for fun and for friends, despite the many bugs and mistakes. I am waiting for an answer from the staff.


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                            I wager in team tourny Click image for larger version

Name:	TT 1.jpg
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ID:	1693877 Click image for larger version

Name:	TT 2.jpg
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Size:	263.3 KB
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Name:	TT3.jpg
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Size:	158.3 KB
ID:	1693879 But no mails of reward?
                            Click image for larger version

Name:	TT4.jpg
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Name:	TT5.jpg
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Size:	308.4 KB
ID:	1693881IGN:Jewel Server:S199 westbridge pass


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                              bet on Team Tournament questions

                              I bet in many matches there.
                              When I get that prize of bet?
                              Any information?
                              Cause I dont find any icon to collect that prize of betting.