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  • Loss of stats

    I have reported this before once and now its happened again
    today just 5 mins ago I got out of ta, then saw my title could go upto duke 5 star. upgraded it and all of a sudden lost around 1k matk 500 defences I think about 3-4k hp, 500 agi and 110 dodge...
    I don't know if its some sort of bug or not but I wana know what happened to make me lose those stats
    no it wasn't a flair that ran out or angel worship.
    this is the second time this is happening to me last time I reported this I stated it felt like loosing the same amount of stats as I would gain if I were to upgrade my mount once, but this time I lost a bit of dodge too which I hadn't noticed last time.
    if anyone knows what could have happened pls reply and I would appreciate it if you guys checked this out ty

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    it always happen they will ignore you probably u have a fight with a MOD who play the game lol


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      lol cmon guys this is the second time I am approaching you with the same problem any replies would be helpful....


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        Loss of stats is hard to get checked and usually there is nothing wrong either, its just a visual bug showing BR decreasing or something was changed (equips/flair/worship/GA etc)
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          equips/flair/worship/ga nothing was changed the only thing that did change was I leveled up from duke 4 star to 5 star. It should have increased my stats not brought it down =/
          if there's anything you guys could do would appreciate it if not its not too much of deal but would like it to not happen again if possible so hoping for some update or info on the issue ty
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            cant find server

            i try refresh browser 5 hours
            Firefox,chrome,explorer can't find the server at

            help gm