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Blank screen loggin into S1 Nocterna's tears

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  • Blank screen loggin into S1 Nocterna's tears

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    Can't see anything when I log into S1 but other servers are fine. whats going on for S1??? But i can create another char and it works fine. seems like the problem is with the char not the server people
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    this is also an issue for me in S1. I hope they will fix this issue soon, and if LuBu is having this issue as well, then I am sure quite a few of us are.


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      im having the same problem in S2


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        Hey Guys^^ since today's with the update on S1 Nocturna server for LoA cant login , get allways black screen same as the other guys here.
        I have check other servers who i have some test charackters are all running well without any matters.I have clear all the temps,etz and have change all that possible and get allways the same black screen.
        Hope you can fix it soon.

        Thanks Evinessa


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          log in to the server that running to you talk to the vet there. Thats the best answer for that.


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            so that makes 3 people in S1 alone.... there goes my HOC sigh


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              I havn't missed a single day of activities in over 3 weeks....


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                well nothing we can do now but pray the dev or moderators are reading this.


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                  S1 is running properly.. just not the account. I have an alt there as well and it functions properly. but my main cant see anything at all. just the music and black screen of death


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                    I have the same problem with S2.
                    But i can login to S1.

                    And i've been shown to guild as online, crazy game
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                      I got the same problem as stef, i can get onto any other server but my own and my friends that plat with me says I'm online when I'm not


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                        Also cannot login

                        I am having exactly the same problem on S1, was logged in when the update arrive yesterday and forced to restart, and since then
                        just getting a black screen.

                        Tried all the usual things, deleted cache, reset dns, reset flash, etc etc so clearly the problem is with the last update.

                        Raised a ticket but got the message they were unaware of any problems on S1 server..which considering how many people here
                        that seem to be affected is a bit astounding....

                        Get the feeling that it may be time to find another game to play....


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                          Or there again maybe not..:-)

                          Just tried to log in and it worked..

                          Happy days !