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    Unless all 7 of us in CS were halucinating,this lvl 60ish,angel was glacia,and had the lowest hero's you start off with,has invincible cheat,noone i repeat noone could land 1 hitpoint on her.quik as it was,said from S329?this is some crazy among the crappy CS that everyone hates even more something before tthis turns out like wartunes,now.btw,was'nt wearing armor,hince i included the blank slots i pulled up on Eisia.
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    if you are talking about the player eisia I believe you are mistaken, have fought against her once before, she is an incredibly strong player with a strong main char + Hecate
    the screenshot you have of a character not having equip on is a bug I reported this earlier and they have fixed it though it sometimes still pops up like that and wont allow you to see another players info
    and about no one being able to land a hit point on her last time I fought her she had 16.5k dodge :P
    with her tanking and a Hecate healing might as well say your healing her rather than not being able to damage her
    don't quite remember much else about her since its been a while and have only ran into her in cs once but she's dangerous and not surprised no one could scratch her lol


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      I would love to know how someone gets 16.5k dodge


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        you need to invest $ here... dont whine if your killed by a super casher


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          getting kinda annoying how everyday there are posts about someone cheating or hacking just because someone else couldnt beat them in a battle. And dont be surprised to see some of the lower tier heros in parties, because thats how some players want to build parties.