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Server Dying

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  • Server Dying

    Our server is dying! maybe a good idee to fuse servers together so it become more fun to play whe have now 10-15 players left and some of them are alts,
    in [S155] lo's Exhoration
    And When the gonna fix the lag's we have every time in Twilight clash ??

    [S155] lo's Exhoration Zeeuwdude, Guild Incresible's

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    101 s dying to maxim 10 player on


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      S42 has 3 guilds. Two of which have only one person that has been on in the last month. During any event we have about one dozen that participate. They should combine 3 or more of these servers.


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        S144 has 3 active players and 1 active guild.....plz merge


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          server merge needed

          S183 Pilgrim tavern is dying and needs a merge we've been asking for months maybe we should just stop spending on Vip and events and new heros or outfits or mounts or angels if you cant keep the server up no need to pay for things only to have them disappear when the server is gone, which by the way wont be long.
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            s57 Necropolis of Mist wanna merge tooooo (like for 3-4 month already...)