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R2 Support died ?

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  • R2 Support died ?

    i sent a ticket one week ago and still got no answer, not even the automatic one. R2 GMs have been all fired?

    So let me resume my ticket, maybe an official can answer me here.

    question is about Heroic Helm and pants.

    When the Heroic helm is on a party buffer, the effect of -20% attack/cure recieved stackable 3times appear on my heroes. So, up to u, is it normal to have a negative effect on our own team? It also appear during the fight, when a striker proc the effect on opponent, the effect proc also on himself. There is a true problem with the helm.
    The heroic ring cannot stun our mates, why can the helm nerf our team ?
    And if i put heroic pants on my buffer, he'll drain 25rage from my heroes too ?

    Could u not fix this to uneable negative effects proceed on our side ?

    Here is a Screeshot VS Spire 14-5. check in your database, none of those mobs got this debuff. all the helm effect symbols u see on my side have been proc by myself.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	bug.jpg
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Size:	545.3 KB
ID:	1756649

    please answer and cheer well this thread in order to keep it up and give a chance of forum moderator to see it and report to tech support.
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    It's an important bug which add another random factor in PVE and PVP. Especially in Abyss which is already random monster and where you don’t have a 2nd chance in battle.
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