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  • i cant enter

    hello there.

    what did u do to the website! iam rank 1 in the server and i haven't done my dailies since i cant enter. it says page is not available and some people are still playing. i can enter that website from phone but not from any computer so whats going on?!!?i can enter any game from but not LOA so please fix it because we are sick of this and we didnt do our daily yet so our compensation should be there. i will lose angel chest reward from yesterday too so please do something or iam out from this.

    thanks bye
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    I have same problem for 4 day's now. I can enter early in the morning, but when i like to return for quiz or world boss i can't reach the game nor R2 games. I've tried everything but nothing works. One day missing you already loose BR and goodies from events and daily's but 4 days is a disaster and i never can get this right again. I hope we get a decent compensation but tbh no compensation can make this right. I would appreciate some kind of message service that tells us whats going on and how long things are gonna take, and for which parts in the world it concerns for some friends could get on the game and some others couldnt?? There was announcement for a copple of days some maintenance would come but nothing like this. Lets hope i can do wb this evening again.

    - Noeka - Warlord's Haven s202


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      they really dont care about us they keep adding new events instead of fixing their **** 1st. srsly ***. we are losing our dailies why no one is answering us instead of ignoring us?