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Error & this sucks!

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  • Error & this sucks!

    I have considered becoming a cash player

    but why pay for something that does not work when you are a free player

    I play as Adrraiya on S215 The Four Cities

    I spent the Dragon Crest vouchers that I had earned on all of the pieces of the Valor Set
    It gave me some of them - but it left out the other items that I had used my vouchers on:
    I am missing valor mail, valor ring & valor boots --- effectively the system has stolen 60 Dragon Crest vouchers from me

    Again, I had considered PAYING to get "the goodies" that this game has to offer.... but I do not see any real incentive to do so when the free version isn't working properly.

    thank you for your time
    I sure hope you find a way to make this right
    Adrraiya in both S15 & S16