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Vip gamer quitting

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  • Vip gamer quitting

    Well Loa started out as a great game fore me. until last 3 Days.
    in my server ose i whanted to go around top gamers so i started getting dimonds.
    But the last 2 events i got relly.. well ****** off since i spend around 19000 dimonds in house of cards getting top Place and i could only be able to draw 1 ace of spades meaning it was pointless to try. All i whanted was a new chr with meant i needed to have 2 ace of spades fore any 1 of them.

    then i got first Place in beatch event and collected the iron cockatris. i had no idea i have to have the normal cockatrise to be able to upgrade it.
    This means i spended 19000 dimonds fore nothing and i gained nothing from it.

    Talking to the gms last few Days made me realize dosent matter if your a vip ore regular player. they just wont help.
    allready posted ticket about this and gained nothing. even so posted some other tickets that dident even got responded.

    I relly dont feel like playing this game anymore since paying real cash and gaining nothing dosent relly work fore me. And the gms help just isent Worth anything at all. sometimes they answer sometimes they dont.

    well what i whanted to ask here. to the gms ore so is.
    Since i dont whanna play anymore is there anyway i can tranfer my gear to a friend. ore still like all Always all the dimonds i spended will just burn into my chr proving yet Another Point that paying and playing this game will gain nothing back.

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    And yet still im proving my Point. i post ticket dont get respons. i write here and still no answers from gms. It is relly shame spending Money in a game when the makers of the game dosent even take time to answers.
    I mean as a Vip 5 they should atlest answer questions.
    like i said 19000 dimonds all fore nothing. why would an event Winner ho won cockatris iron... well why then shall the event Winner be forced to have normal cockatris Before?
    Why spending 18000 of 19000 dimonds in house of cards getting event win there to only get 1 ace of spades?
    To me that sounds like scammer gamers into paying more.
    But it totaly lack of trust to the creators and gms when they wont even take 5 min to respond about tranfering gear to friend.
    meaning like i said many times. why pay in Loa when i get nothing at back in return?


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      about the iron cockatrice, its your fault by not reading the description of the reward, it is clearly stated there that it is
      Used to upgrade cockatrice to iron cockatrice....


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        my advise to you, just stop playing if you dont want to play anymore. As for your expense, well, no way to get it back.
        Items are not meant to be transferred to another player in this game. So just leave and play a game that's will make you happy and that will worth your while.


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          You are complaining about not having an asnwer to a ticket where you complain about not having read a description on the item you were goin to win ?

          You are complaining about not gettin something that, as clearly stated, you have a chance to get opening a chest (noone said you'd get one for sure).

          You are complaining about not having an answer about transferring your gear to a friend (really lol ?) that you should know it's not goin to happen.

          Hope support team is answering to those guys who has real problems like real bugs.

          And really, why you think being VIP 5 makes you better than other people that plays... even free players?


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            yea suppose u all fellas are right. was just in a crappy mode.....
            thx all i just change game then.


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              another thing, you need azul wolf as well to unlock iron cockatrice :P
              League of Angels

              S94 Lonewind Forest
              Magus Rynd