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Archangel's + Seraph's helm bug (?)

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  • Archangel's + Seraph's helm bug (?)

    Hello, dont know if any1 else has posted elsewhere... sorry, if this is the case.

    I d like to talk about a strange thing I see in some of my battles. Suddenly my dmg drops to miniscule amounts without obvious reason. The only reason I can imagine is the special ability of archangel's and seraph's helms my opponents wear. Has any1 else noticed this? If this is the case, it must be a bug cause from the description its obviously clear that the helm cant reduce dmg so much...

    Please mods answer and clarify.

    Thanx in advance

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    This has been going on for over a month. I don't think the devs are going to do anything about it honestly, sucks.