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Provide us with diamonds that we paid for.

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  • Provide us with diamonds that we paid for.

    This whole act just got a whole lot more ridiculous. People have recharged diamonds, received none, provided many reports, and nothing was done. You've sent many messages saying the problem was fixed, relogin for the diamonds, but nothing. Now for the past 3 days you've stopped replying all together.

    Also, I recently made another post with the mention of lawsuits. I like how that was responded to within 5 minutes, and banned my account.

    So you're not too busy to reply to a forum post within 5 minutes, but too busy to reply to reports within 3 days, right? All done and forgotten? Swept under the rug? Nice move.

    Kongregate S1

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    Sorry you have already been told and now I have to ban you on this name too, next step is IP ban.
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      You know you guys at R2 don't have to be ***** about this. you just have a lot of frustrated gamers that want what they paid for. you have a lot of events going on and out Diamonds would help alot. now where are my 2k diamonds I am owed?
      Seems to me you and kongregate are passing the buck back and forth. Just fix this quickloy and give us all what we paid for.