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Recharge still not working

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  • Recharge still not working

    I am sorry to tell you but the recharging is still not working. The videos to watch are not charging and cannot be accessed. Please fix that and do not mislead players again! Thank you!

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    I think they fixed the real recharge with money but something went wrong with the free diamonds... I'm not receiving diamonds from offers either.


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      recharge no reward and blocking them coz they keep insisting to recharge what kind of suspicious action ur referring the char is already a VIP 8 and ur not giving a consideration that they spend money on ur game.... pls do some action on "alidelicia -- S-U16" (S-49 Evil Incarnate) this coz u will lost lot of players if u keep ignoring them.... u want her to wait for 72hrs to fixed her ticket and the event will be ended soon.........

      give immediate action on this issue pls.......
      Last edited by R248598805; 09-25-2014, 02:56 PM.