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BOTH mdef and pdef bug

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  • BOTH mdef and pdef bug

    we have a decrease both mdef and pdef both heroes and main character don't know what happened in your systems. not just me but my other guildie.

    Blade Lady

    sylvia's copse s2

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    my pDEF went down by 600 kindly check that for us.

    sylvias copse s2


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      Thats nothing my main guy just up and lost 20 k br thats like 900 bucks worth of suits and the gm wont even bother to look into it im pretty furious.. I checked all my stones and guardian angels too and im pretty sure my whole team took a loss i dono y this happen.. And in my server it looks like only i got effected and im top player i dono what to think about it i hope they can fix it or im done thats too much cash i got ripped from that much br loss