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AGI bug again

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  • AGI bug again

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    Fight :
    Fight :

    i have the highest AGI and Harveen's ES attack before me.

    he is paladin.
    I use the aegis adv power agi+6%, maybe he dont as he use the random target -25rage one (as u see on 2nd fight, my amazon and me start with -25rage. i use rage emblem and she has 80 set bonus rage).
    he dont stand on an angel halo AGI spot.

    It's unbelievable to have such kind of bugs which trick a tournament right on the final days.

    Note that he use a 6/6 heroic set on his ES. So he dont have any bonus from 70 or 80set pc. Or once again R2 players knows some kind of bugs we dont.
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    1rs round dude. 1rst round. no buff on 1rst round. only native agi match.

    and i tested with 6/6 heroic set. no change, he is still 1rst.


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      and maybe u should think urself instead of thinking there is no bug and i'm an idiot...
      i have all angel worship agi.
      there have always been AGI bugs but this one is massive if with 3.6k difference i cannot attack 1rst.

      note than my amazon got 4k5 difference and she attack 1rst.


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        thanks a lot GM and Mods to not have seen this thread and ticket during 5days. Harveen won using a bug between R2 and GTA. u dont care, perfect.
        We have no chance of being equal it seems.


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          Btw, judging from your fights and my own experiments with mine, I believe LE's agility buff is NOT being added to party.


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            Everything must always be a bug if it works against someone, lol. Cant possibly be that they get lucky and have the agility buff from boots work quite often, which i have seen be very possible from my own ta fights. The first round your ES hits after the other ES, but the second round yours hits first and it probably goes back and forth depending on how long they survive in fights.


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              ^But it doesn't make sense if his agi is faster than the other guy's in the first round, before any effects or buffs can take place.