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Zodiac still bugged after update

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  • Zodiac still bugged after update

    I have had the database error in Zodiac for more than a week already. Even after the update on October 10th, where you can clear CD if you are level 60+ also, i click that button and nothing happens. I have lost a lot of experience, aegis shards, tycoon points, and hot events bonus for doing loop quests and the rewards from the loop quests itself. I don't know if I should be posting this here because I am on a Facebook server, but i tried to submit a ticket 5 days ago and I am still waiting for the answer, and the GTARCADE page doesn't work for some reason on my computer. Please if you could solve this problem as soon as possible, I would be very grateful. Thank you for your support

    Lorena, level 71
    Facebook server 11 (MorganValleys)

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    You need to reply to this thread along with your server, ign, and a valid screenshot:

    Happy Chinese New Year!


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      Thank you very much. I will try to provide the information some time today. As soon as i figure out how to take a screenshot lol.