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Team tournament reward not gained

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  • Team tournament reward not gained

    Server: S91 Fireblade ridge
    Character: Scarafone
    User: RicHunter

    Problem: Team tournament reward not gained

    Details: My team (Executioners) placed in top 8 last TT, but i was not able to collect reward - it writes already collected -
    You can check my marks or the missing "Immortal Prince Emblem" as proof

    How can i gain my rewards?


  • #2
    Its buried in your mail probably. Have you checked?

    If you have, sry
    Beserker lvl 73
    980K BR
    Unearthly Fortuna lvl 85
    Royal Unicorn/Sterling Moonbeam
    Astral Hunter/Valkryie/Beserker Claws/Neredia (Backup, Night Sentinel)
    Guild: Legendary

    Lilya Lita
    Mystic lvl 72
    1.1M BR
    Ungodly Serrin lvl 90
    Smoldering Steed/Elf Spring
    Astral Child/Neredia/Beserker Claws/Djnni


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      Sure I have checked, no sign there also.


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        server 2 silvia corpse
        character Lionel
        user KeGoShNa
        5 day consecutive what not can enter the team tournament menu he always freeze and 100% 1/1 try like 5 browser in all happen same. and today all chat muted for all server and not work team arena.
        Last edited by KeGoShNa; 10-27-2014, 06:50 PM.