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Missing AND Incorrect Team Tournament Wager Rewards

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  • Missing AND Incorrect Team Tournament Wager Rewards

    Server: s104
    Character Name: Analily

    Type: Team Tournament Wagers

    I placed 30 wagers all on the first round in the current team tournament. On Oct. 25 I received rewards for 13 wagers, 7 for wins and 6 for loses. On Oct. 29 I received rewards for 9 more wagers, 6 wins and 3 losses. So that means I still have not received rewards for 8 wagers.

    The rewards I received are incorrect though. According to the Team Tournament results, I won 24 wagers and lost 6 wagers. But so far I have received only 13 winning rewards and 9 losing rewards. How can I get 9 losing rewards when according to the TT I only lost 6? I can post specific screen shots if you want but to show everything would require 52 screen shots which I'm not pasting here.

    I don't understand why all wagers aren't paid at the same time and I REALLY don't understand how the rewards are not based on my actual wager results.