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  • Fortuna

    This isn't my angel, but I took a screenshot anyway to show what people are meaning when they say fortuna isn't working during ta.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 16.59.28.png
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    Her rage stays at 0/100 throughout the battle, when it comes to her turn she never attacks, it just says the name of her skill, or says ''such and such a zodiac Special Skill''. I hope this helps. This is a bug on fb, game321, r2, but i dont know abt gt, probably there too.
    Beserker lvl 73
    980K BR
    Unearthly Fortuna lvl 85
    Royal Unicorn/Sterling Moonbeam
    Astral Hunter/Valkryie/Beserker Claws/Neredia (Backup, Night Sentinel)
    Guild: Legendary

    Lilya Lita
    Mystic lvl 72
    1.1M BR
    Ungodly Serrin lvl 90
    Smoldering Steed/Elf Spring
    Astral Child/Neredia/Beserker Claws/Djnni

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    I hope the devs will be informed soon that neither Fortuna, Poseidon nor Lunar Priestess are working in TA and CS. Maybe those cross-server servers aren't yet updated? It should be easy for them to solve, since this happened with Godless Wolf too, and that got fixed.


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      I saw that bug too .. though i forgot to take a screenshot .. but yes that said 0/100 rage and the angel acts of the other party were mess at that time ..


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        Reported, thank you.

        Happy Chinese New Year!