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TA party and angels

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  • TA party and angels

    So this is 2 different issues that are seen with ta quite frequently now.
    -First, you make a party for TA, get your teammates to join and then realize that you want a different angel to be fighting with you. normally you would click on the angel and select the one you want and it changes on your screen. However that does not work. Unless you leave the party completely, it keeps whatever angel you had when you joined in the fight for ta. So it may show you changed to Vienna on the ta party screen, but in the actual fight, it will still show glacia fighting cause it does not register the change. Can this please be fixed so that we can adjust who is in the parties easier without the constant joining and leaving, cause this does the same thing with outfits (which i will get more into on the second issue). The screenshot i am posting is just showing what i mean by you can click on the angel to change it, cant really show that it doesnt actually switch unless i remember to record a video the next time.

    -Second, can you please fix the lvl 80/godly gear armor so that the main hero does not take up the space of the entire party if you move your mouse around to click on a hero or angel or another teammate. hahaha. Not exactly sure how to show this issue with screenshots since you do not see the location of the mouse in a screenshot. Again using ta as the location for this since its here that this is the biggest issue, any team member that has the lvl 80 armor or godly gear armor showing makes it difficult to change party formation when the captain clicks ready and can position heros and mains in different places. Something with this armor makes the individual space of 1 hero take up the space of 3 or 4. If teammate A has the armor and is in the middle back space of the party lineup for ta, then if i move my mouse over any other hero above, below or in front of that teammate, then all i see are the stats for teammate A. The only person i can click on to move is teammate A. Sometimes you can work around it, but if you have more than 1 person with armor showing and not hidden by an outfit, then you pretty much cant change how you can set up your party.

    I dont know if anyone has had issues with what i describe in the second issue, or has a better way of explaining it but if you do, please add on to this. I will try to remember to take a video the next time and try to get it attached to this thread or sent in a ticket because its only that specific type of armor that does it. No other level or outfit has the same affect, and I really like the look of the 80 armor but I have to hide it with an outfit i only like for the br boost because I need to be able to have a functional team to move around for fights and not just click on my main hero all the time.
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