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I can not remew my VIP subscription

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  • I can not remew my VIP subscription

    When I try to renew and activate my MVP subscription, a window opens asking me to confirm my current paypal payment method choice. I chose confirm. After confirmation of payment method I am only left with the option to close. When I close it says you have just cancelled the VIP application process. I thought it should take me to the payment window to pay for the subscription. Can you please help get my VIP renewed.

    MY character is Pericles
    Server is S221 - Ashen Waste

    I originally posted this in suggestions and feedback, thinking that was the wrong forum I've posted it here. Could a Mod please help me resolve this? I would like to recharge and participate in the Mount exclusive event.
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    That message saying it's cancelled pops up for some reason, but consider that the confirmation window =)

    You have VIP Active on S221,

    ( just in case you missed them the first time )


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      thanks for responding DemonLOA
      I still dont have the VIP renewal yet. I havent been able to purchase it.There has been no charge to my paypal account for it and my vip indicator shows that i dont have a vip subscription. Also note that I am a working stiff who works long hours and I have only a few hours a day to get the dailys done and without the VIP subscription I can't complete alot of what needs to be done, it's very important to my progress in this game to have this resolved as soon as possible.
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        Ahh i see,

        I will have to ask you to file a ticket to the billing department to have this issue looked into further,

        You can file a ticket here

        ( just in case you missed them the first time )