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  • House of Cards tell me please

    Yesterday on my S218 i used 10 free house of cards attempts, then i used 1 voucher and forgot to use it yesterday, but today i found i got 11 attempts (10 free+1 from last day), today a did a mistake and ive used all my card vouchers(300) , so i want to know if my house of cards attempts(300) will be available tomorrow ? Waiting for an answer!!!
    Last edited by FoxJas; 11-13-2014, 04:00 AM. Reason: saved if unused points card in event the next day?

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    since that 1 got saved i don`t see any reason u`l lose those 300 . didn`t try personally but i think there were people that did try and they had them next day


    • #3 will not lose them. em..,try leave it for next HoC. hehe...
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        ok sow do the free 10 free atmpts stack up too ?


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          from what i've seen, any "free" attempts you get on any event daily, do not carry over to the next day


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            Any experiece i've had any number less than 100 hundred on hoc, dragonsoul and gems sticks, but i've never had anything over it stick :P maybe its just bad luck.
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              Originally posted by R256409753 View Post
              from what i've seen, any "free" attempts you get on any event daily, do not carry over to the next day
              It really would be easier if people searched forums cause this has been answered several times every house of cards. Yes, points/draws get carried over after reset and yes, you do get the 10 free draws added on to your remaining draws. house of cards is not like some of the other events where everything resets at midnight. Just make sure you use your card draws before the event ends.