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Intimacy problems

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  • Intimacy problems

    My intimacy has been stuck at 1841 for 2 days even when doing Team dungeon, roses, inferno and garden with my partner, but it will build with every one else, same with her intimacy it builds with others just not mine.

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    Perhaps you've reached your limit for the day,

    Here's a small guide to assist you.

    Also i will test this further today to ensure the information i have provided you is accurate.

    Otherwise if you are not getting intimacy increases, i will need you to post screenshots in regards to this


    Once 2 players become friends, they will have an Intimacy value.

    Team Dungeon: earn 4 Intimacy points for clearing one dungeon together, max 20 points a day.

    Bless World Tree: earn 20 Intimacy points for blessing each other’s World Tree, max 20 points a day.

    Water: Earn 3 Intimacy points for watering for each other’s plants, Max 60 points a day.

    Kill Bugs: Earn 3 Intimacy points for killing bugs for each other, max 60 points a day.

    Steal Harvests: lose 2 Intimacy points for stealing from each other’s Garden, max 20 points a day.

    Send Roses: earn 1 Intimacy point for sending 9 roses to the each other.

    Comparing: earn 1 Intimacy point for comparing fights with your partner, max 20 daily

    A maximum of 200 Intimacy points can be obtained per day.
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    ( just in case you missed them the first time )