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    we're playing LOA in sever of valcogames , but about 2 weeks returned to here we didnt have support from valcogames , we are essaid find away to contact with valcogames but without repercussion . we deem always all sever LOA of r2games , gtarcade , valcogames are linking together ( cross sever ,ta cross tycoon ) ,.we cant to savour entirely actions , cant get adv rewards of this , because we cant recharge , this page was broken . so we hope we can have assistance from r2games , help our sever , as for example as transform our data to your other sever or any way such and such .help us can continuing this game , can recharge again , enjoy to all events ...
    sorry my english so bad, i cant explain more , but we love this game. please help us !!!

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    If you are playing LoA through valcogames ,i believe it is that company that you would need to contact for help. If you are having a lot of problems with that company
    I would suggest, if you aren't too high level to start playing on a server that R2 or GT run.
    Although you can play the same game with different companies they will not be able to transfer for your data from that one to another,
    the same for example changing servers
    you would have to start playing from the beginning.
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