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Hot events missing events

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  • Hot events missing events

    Server : [S227] Grey Plains
    Character : Nightcrawler

    Type : Hot events bug or intentional messing with us

    Details: In hot events we don't have Omnipotence and all round talent ( AGAIN ) , No Thanksgiving carnivals 1, 2, 3 or 4, No Pirate Treasure in hot events...
    Plz do something about this or we will lose ALOT and this server's players with quit the second a new one with same time is opened.
    Without those events we can't get ANYTHING beside the lvl 1 rewards. There are so many things WRONG with this event i don't even know where to start... Waiting for T.G. carnivals and pirate treasure :-w I hope this gets fixed before 2015. ( who am i kidding this will take untill AFTER T.G. for someone to say something like : "Sry for the wait, we fixed the problem. Too bad it took so long that the event is over. Oh well.... good luck next year "
    Last edited by binladen15; 11-24-2014, 06:27 PM.

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    Do you try to clear you browser cache or another browser???
    Character Name: 7raX (MeLLoW7raX) | Server: [S153] Zephyr's Rage | Class: Berserker Level 90
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      WoW. now that's a shock. They managed to give us carnivals and pirate treasure so i guess this was just a bug or a mistake. But it seems they are still messing with us when it comes to omnipotence and all-round talent. And don't even start me with angel quiz