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  • Seraphim bug


    want to report some bugs while using Angel Seraphim

    1. while in solo battle, sometimes the angel skills animation hits both sides party (ally & enemies), although no damage done to allies..
    2. while in Team Arena, Seraphim's skill doesn't show up... just standing there... waiting.. until other peoples turn

    thank you... i hope this can be fixed soon ^_^

    thank you

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    this new angel exclusive angel seems to b very very buggy in any CS were its TA or the mining cs as a GA he provides 0 stats or as deployed seems that the highest agi angel in battle gets to use the aegis every turn and after he should att (which he doesn't) that battle in TA goes turbo and can't even see wats goin on but its likes 1/3 fo time for vid


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      Yup same problem here, Seraphim just dont attack in TA and fires off the agis before on full rage points


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        Seraphim in TA

        Seraphim no atack in TA, no stack rage and no use aegis and the attack is just a time gap


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          yes this is correct happen during TA today for s16


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            Anybody know if the Seraphim bugs have been fixed?


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              Currently using my seraphim. Burn my own party and show a pdef debuff.


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                Seraphim was bugged when he was used during TA, that bug was fixed ( atleast we didn't have anymore tickets/complains about it ).
                Next one is about Seraphim bugged in GA, about that I am not so sure yet if it has been fixed or not, so if you have seraphim in your GA, can help to tell if it gives stats to your main or not ( only on your main, on other heroes it works fine. )

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