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Valkyrie Crest not working

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  • Valkyrie Crest not working

    Seems after I synthed a Valkyrie Crest, I can not use it in Tavern to to get said Hero.

    Maybe I missed something here?

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Bug 1.jpg
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Name:	bug1.1.jpg
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    1500. you only have 676.


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      I'll need you to save up 1500 topaz herosouls and try to recruit, as the patch notes state it was fixed.

      ( just in case you missed them the first time )


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        From what I see in the pictures, I hope you made a mistake and posted them in a wrong order.
        First one says you don't have the crest, and in the 2nd one you show the crest in inventory.
        My question is : You made the first photo BEFORE or AFTER you synthesized the Valkyrie crest?
        Also to be on topic : Valkyrie and Astral Hunter are the only heroes left that can be gotten with Topaz ( besides nether knight/sentinel/etc ).
        You need 1500 Topaz Hero souls, not ruby souls.
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          He's saying the tavern is showing him to not have a crest. When the second shot shows he does have.
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            summary, "maybe" its just visual bugs for astral traven crest.
            there is someone have same problem with arcane spirit:
            Arcane spirit
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              This is a known issue and it will be fixed by the dev's soon.
              We are sorry for those who are having troubles recruiting heroes from the " Astral Tavern ".

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