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Question regarding tickets, screenshots & in-game purchases.

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  • Question regarding tickets, screenshots & in-game purchases.

    I'm referring to incidents where an item is purchased, like during an event, and currency is deducted (whether it's event points, some currency item like darics, or diamonds) but the item isn't recieved.

    What information must be provided?
    It's naturally hard for a player to prove they even purchased the item to begin with given that most of the time there's no record of it being bought and in most cases players only find out AFTER the transaction is done. The best way around this is to simply screenshot every single transaction in the hopes that, if anything does happen, the evidence will someday prove useful.
    This is like never going outside in the rain so you never get electrocuted.

    I understand that fraud can happen this way, so obviously the GMs need proof that a player is entitled to what he claims he doesn't have. Since fraud could be a player trying to get an item twice or an item for free (among other methods), it follows that the player needs proof that:
    (A): The item was purchased and should belong to the player (The evidence could be a screenshot showing an event reward was "bought" or "claimed")
    (B): The item is absent from player inventory and item has not been used (Such as evidence that their inventory doesn't hold the item and that, in the case of angel tokens for example, the angel wasn't activated)

    (A) is hard enough to prove for the reason above. If the player knew he wasn't going to see his item he probably wouldn't have purchased it to begin with. Given we're not seers, and so can't reliably predict the future, it stands to reason that nobody has a clue they're going to miss out on an item until they discover they've just missed out on an item, at which point it's too late to screenshot the transaction.
    (B) is hard to prove if the item is stackable like aegis shards. The best option is to printscreen the stack before and after transaction, with a screenshot of the transaction.
    Given that nobody can reliably predict an error, this is utterly stupid - people would have to screenshot their inventory every time they were about to buy something, when they bought it, and after they bought it just to make sure they have sufficient evidence to justify reimbursement.

    In most cases where a player doesn't get the items they've paid for, it'll probably be impossible with the restrictions I assumed to prove they're entitled to it. If they paid for it with diamonds, they'll be understandably furious.
    As a matter of curiosity, I want to know what information needs to be in the screenshots required.

    Thanks in advance.

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    just a thing: there is a purchase history and they know every single thing you buy in game. screenshot is just an excuse.