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log battle doesnt work right

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  • log battle doesnt work right

    was just in cs a bit b4 and this happend
    1 on 1 i lose to a player
    came back with +1 buff lost again
    came back with +2 buff lost again
    checked the players info and saw that it should be imposible for me to loose so i took log option off and watched the fight- i won without loosing much hp at all
    i fought again with him +1 buff i won again without loosing any hp(my dodge is prty good) then he hit me again with 2x buff i won again without loosing much hp
    so i turned log battle on again because the loading takes too long and cant do cs properly without it
    funny thing he kills me twice in a row again
    i turn of the log i can kill him easy...
    to sum it up i think the battle automatically calculated is glitched because i tried this dozens of times and every time i could beat the player when i had log off but lost just about every time i had log on.
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    I think you should really watch that 3rd battle =)

    ( just in case you missed them the first time )


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      i dont really understand what you meant but if somthing like that happens again i'll just keep the log turned off and watch the fights i guess, ty for response.
      but still dont see how its possible for me to lose to someone that i can defeat with 0 hp lose.(that too when they had a buff on them)
      the reason i won in that fight was my dodge. theres a 7k diff between my dodge to his hit and even more to his heroes hit- my dodge.
      if you meant that i would lose the 3rd battle because of timer, then i get that, i have lost to ppl before in cs because timer ran out, but that wasnt the case because the damage i dealt in one of those rounds was -200k(200-300k dont remember exactly). and if i had fought till timer ran out that would be technically imposible since i am a mage i have prty high atk and use fireball skill even with all the buffs on me i would still be able to do prty ok damage unless the person has high dodge. my opponents dodge here was 2k below my hit.
      anyway thnx for response and i'll try what u said but i stronly think theres a bug with the log battle.


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        just thought of something else, sometimes when i hit someone and the person still has a lot of hp left (lets say he/she has 70% hp left on their hp bar) i atk them and win but the damage it says i did is really low (for ex: 700k dmg when the person would actually have 2.4mil hp left altogether at 70%)
        there is a bug like that going on too, have done this to players a lot of times now lol
        so when it showed in my battle that i lost without doing much damage at all it could have been the timer as the reason i lost and my actual dmg might have been not shown.
        but i think thats a bit too farfetched lol since 1 on 1 without buffs it was kind of imposible for my opponent to last 30 turns,
        either way just wanted to mention what i think might be a bug, thnx for your time


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          just wanted to say something on this account .. when i log challenge the weakest opponent in arena (that lvl40 bot ) .. i see i get some damage but in real i kill it 2-3 moves (not turns but moves ) ..
          Never noticed it for others battles just that one ..
          hope it is just visual error ..