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Superior gem chest bug

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  • Superior gem chest bug

    This bug exist on my server month or even more when i open it i get from superior chest always common gem not superior. Server s49 Evil Incarnate, char Aren.
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    Isn't a bug, ya just unlucky.
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    Unearthly Fortuna lvl 85
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    Astral Hunter/Valkryie/Beserker Claws/Neredia (Backup, Night Sentinel)
    Guild: Legendary

    Lilya Lita
    Mystic lvl 72
    1.1M BR
    Ungodly Serrin lvl 90
    Smoldering Steed/Elf Spring
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      Common Gem Chests - PATK, HP,PDEF,MDEF,MATK,Agility.
      Superior Gem chests - Common gems + Adv gems. (hit/crit/dodge/block/end).
      It's not a bug, chances to get either Common gem or Superior ( advanced ) gem, is 50-50.

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