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s80 Wrong Merge!

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  • s80 Wrong Merge!

    We are a north american server why on earth did you place us in the recent Euro server merges on Dec 3???? Its completely unfair that we were merged to a euro server and forced to take on their completely different time frame. Now main events are held 5-6 hours ahead of what we were used to. I chose s80 specifically because well I live in Canada I am on EST time. I work in the mornings so it worked that the events were held in the evening EST time. Now I come home at 4pm EST from work to find that I missed every single event of the day!? I honestly hope that this is a mistake and we will be unmerged because this is completely unfair to s80 many of us will be forced to quit playing. Most of us work mornings that is why our time frame worked. I spent many months and cash working on my character I finally hit level 80... You make a huge mistake like this and we haven't heard any word all day, I think we deserve a promt explination on why.

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    Hi, this has been reported. This should not have happened and will be rectified.

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      Then could you at least inform mr Fred that his link is broken its really frustrating when you finally get a reply and it leads to nothing and no answers. I have been trying all day just to get a simple answer. Thank you for finally answering me, this information should of been posted in the forums to let us know at least that this was a mistake, a ton of players were discussing quitting because we thought this was a done deal merge. I am honestly shocked I am the only person reporting in the forums because a ton of players were just as upset as I was when we came on today to see we were forced to euro time. You would think for such a huge mistake like this we could of at least had some information in the forums promptly reguarding this..
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