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Update Version number:3.0325

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  • Update Version number:3.0325

    2. Christmas Check-ins is open. Remember to check in everyday. Many surprises await you!
    3. Evolved heroes could be inherited now.

    New items:
    1. Christmas Stocking has been added to the game. Warm tip: don’t open the Christmas Stocking until Christmas day.

    Where are all of this??
    In the last 6 hours u are Keep saying:[Announcement] Server will receive an update during the next 1 - 2 hours. Please be noticed.
    What is this, this Server 86 is so stupid???
    We dont have any upgrade, we dont have nothing!!!!
    we are stupids or what?? It's enough...make our derver work how other Servers work please.

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    christmas check in is the same as the daily check in under daily loot. if you look at rewards for 1-3-5-10-20 day check in you will see a slight change to rewards including the christmas stocking (which is also included in the daily devotion rewards under daily loot).


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      Yes, i am not saying anly about that, is this Server is a big mes