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Frozen Arrow Upgrade Issue

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  • Frozen Arrow Upgrade Issue

    After choosing to become a Ranger upon reaching lvl 45, i upgraded the Trigger Skill Frozen Arrow to lvl 5.
    During fights though, it seemed like the damage was much less than what i'd been doing previously with Puncture.
    Checking in the character screen, the skill says (190% Normal damage + 3000), which is what a lvl 5 skill should be doing.
    But clicking on the Skill tab and then the Frozen Arrow skill, it says (150% Normal damage + 460), which is the basic lvl 1 numbers.
    The Puncture skill in the Skill tab, on the other hand, gives the lvl 5 numbers: (220% Normal damage + 1620).
    I am in Server [S228] Anvils of Abar, character name is Fellblossom.
    Thanks for taking the time.
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    Ah, rats.
    Thought i was adding a screenshot, but i guess not.
    Plz ignore image cuz i have no idea how to get rid of it.


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      that's a visual bug. and it's pretty normal to deal more dmg with puncture than with any other rangers skill