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    Hey guys. I am wondering when certain events happen in certain servers. I have been attempting to map out the dates of the events for November and December, but there seems to be no pattern to them. Some start around the same time, such as Beach Treasure, while others are unpredictable.

    I would like to know the dates for House of Cards, Beach Treasure, Team Tournament, Cross Server Tournament, Angel's Quiz, Consuming Regaining, Djinni's Merchants, Here Upgrade, Single Server Tycoon, Cross Server Tycoon, and the Prismatic Wheel.

    I am in server Montu (514) - HKT and I play it on Facebook.


    League of Angels | Epic | Montu (514)

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    i dont think there are set dates for events, some most months can be predicted such as hoc and tycoon, but right now with the holiday events, there is no pattern. And in terms of the hero upgrade event, i dont think you will ever find a pattern for it because all the hot events are random. Sometimes they show up every other week, sometimes you dont see them for a few months. Unless they change anything, you can expect to see single server tycoon and djinni's merchant within a few days of one another, same thing with group buy and cross server tycoon.


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      Usually you have Tycoon and its associated events every two weeks (CS Tycoon + Group Buy + CS Team Tournament, SS Tycoon + Djinni's Merchants + CS Tournament), and in between you get House of Cards, a few filler events, and Rose Rankings.


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        The first Beach Treasure happens around the 1st of the month, Single Server Tycoon happens around the 8th, then Djinni's Merchants follows the day after. Prismatic Wheel will usually start near the 9th or 10th, then the first HoC comes 1 or 2 days after the wheel. The second Beach Treasure happens a few days after the first HoC. Cross Server Tycoon happens a couple days after the second Beach Treasure ends, then the second HoC happens near the end of the month.

        It is really messed up with the holidays. This month, Cross Server Tycoon was skipped.

        It would be nice if there could be more certaintity of certain events.

        If my estimates are correct, then Consuming Regaining should happen on the 12th. I guess we'll just see what happens.
        League of Angels | Epic | Montu (514)