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Accidental click and poof diamonds

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  • Accidental click and poof diamonds

    I accidentally confirmed opening 2 sockets. I realized after the fact that the selection moves to diamonds instead of socketing rods when there are not enough rods. I was automatically expecting to receive message you dont have enough rods and instead I opened the sockets and spent 650 diamonds. Of course I will never think of spending that much diamonds on opening 2 sockets and although I did click on it, I still feel cheated by the game for tricking me. I want to see if this transaction can be reversed or I get some compensation to make up for my loss.
    It is important to me that the game supports the players as I support the game by spending my real money on it.
    Let me know if that can be resolved.

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    You will most likely get an answer about not being able to correct human error, you werent paying attention cause when you try to open a socket, it gives you socket rods option or diamond option. If you dont have enough sockets, it automatically selects diamonds, but you would see that its on the diamonds if you look at it. Same with the open all sockets, if you dont have enough sockets, its marked on the diamond option and you either close it to ignore or click confirm. That window that opens when you open sockets, is the message that tells you if you have enough socket rods or if it will use diamonds. If you click confirm, then you are agreeing to using whatever option is selected, whether you payed attention or not.


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      It is your error for not looking at the message properly and assume the message is telling you not enough socket for upgrade. Since it is your own error for assuming, and you clicked confirmed, how can you say you feel cheated. The only reason you can feel cheated is when you are Blinded and you cant See, Then you can feel Cheated, but if not, it is your own error. So Pay for your own error and learn a lesson to READ Before you click confirm.


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        Of course, I am responsible for clicking Confirm but I never wanted to spend 650 diamonds on it and the fact that selection changes to diamonds without any notice is sly. If the game devs think that this is OK and part of the game, then I will move on and spend my money elsewhere. It is not that I am upset about the diamonds, it is the principle of it. And you cant reasonable expect me to read ALL THE MSGS, ALL THE TIME before I click agree at the end. Anyway that is my case, they can choose to ignore or help me out. Merry Christmas


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          Originally posted by R298745169 View Post
          And you cant reasonable expect me to read ALL THE MSGS, ALL THE TIME before I click agree at the end. Anyway that is my case, they can choose to ignore or help me out.
          Read everything is not expected but a must if you have diamonds.
          They will help you out by sending cheering msg 'they feel sorry for your unfortunate incident and tell you to be careful as the devs can't do anything for human error'.
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            Heh. Same thing happened here. Feeling sorry. Yeah. And then they'll prob add a cash grab event. 'cept i was saving up to buy the vip package for 699 dias but i ended up accidentally wasting about 250 for a single socket because these guys don't have a extra prompt before spending dias for opening sockets. +1 for the cash grabbers. Worse than CoD


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              Originally posted by Norman818181 View Post
              READ Before you click confirm.
              the thing is: with some selection moves the system actually asks you if you really want to spend diamonds.
              for example some events like lucky tree, wheel, capsule or even laser in fishing.
              but with the daily stuff (where it will mostly like to happen to spend diamonds by accident!!)
              they show no message or you have to have eyes like an eagle to see what you will spend right now.

              so yes: for me this is really some kind of trick to get you to spend diamonds!

              and what I demand since forever now is an overview where you can see where you did actually spend your diamonds.
              cos sometimes its not clear where you spent them if you click something by accident.

              I am fed up with writing tickets just to know what was going on..especially when I dont get an answer!


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                I'm almost (not to say pretty) sure that when you get a reply, will be something like "since it was a human error, there isn't anything we can actually do". So.. you should pay more attention on what is written before click confirm. And I wouldn't expect any kind of compensation by my own mistake....
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