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unable to buy stuff in arena shop

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  • unable to buy stuff in arena shop

    There are red buttons that I can click to buy stuff and greyed ones that will not click....i can buy mats for peerless, triumph and conquest equipment mats, but none higher. Also I can buy lv 1-8 skill tomes and gem enhancement stone but NOTHING else.

    2pages of my arena shop
    buttons i can click

    buttons i can't click

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    u need dragon crest for that u got nil....... LOL


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      Arena Emblems ---> First page, you get them daily by attacking in arena and reward for ranking.
      Dragon Crests ---> Second page, you get them from hot events as reward and from Team-Arena.
      Secon page does not show any " buy " buttons available cause if you look carefully, you don't have any.

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