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mount glamour bonus maybe bug maybe not

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  • mount glamour bonus maybe bug maybe not

    I have these mounts :

    1. Reindeer
    2. Jeweltone Turkey
    3. Inferno Steed
    4. Cockatrice
    5. King Alabaster
    6. Pride King
    7. Easter Bunny
    8. Royal Unicorn
    9. Magic Broom
    10. Cerberus
    11. Empryreal dragon
    12. Tyrannosaur
    13. Majestic Steed
    14. Imperial Stallion
    15. Squires' Steed
    16. Glacial Wolf
    17. Azul Wolf

    i don't have

    1. Floe Hunter
    2. Darkspirit Ram
    3. Smoldering Steed

    As you see from my picture i have 17 from 30 mounts. if i count all these mounts they are 20 mounts.
    So i take fewer per cent glamour bonus isn't it?

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Untitled.jpg
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    if i m wrong and you count also mounts evolutions you must count again my mount because i have two mounts with evolution

    1. azul wolf from Lycorax wolf
    2. majestic steed from royal steed.

    dont have :
    1. Celestial Hunter
    2. Emblazoned King
    3. Iron Cockatrice
    4. Crystal Reindeer
    5. Moonlight Unicorn
    6. Mecha Tyranosaurus
    7. Luminous Steed
    8. Celestial King

    So if i m correct now i have 19 mounts from /30
    or i have 17 from 20 isn't it?

    You must decide which one you take and you must correct my bonus immediately please .

    previous server 153 now ua 39
    name AtlaS

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    btw evo a mount does not count as a 2nd mount its still just 1 mount its just better


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      So they must give glamour bonus for 17 mounts from 20 isnt it ? so i must have 85% bonus and no 56.67%?


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        mount bonus 17/30 is 56.7%.

        there are currently only 20 mount.

        Those 10 unknown mount is not yet release.

        So you understand now?