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login issue

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  • login issue

    I have closed my browser page and when I logged back is a new character. no clue what to do.
    I entered my account and logged in from there still new char.
    S233 cerna bluffs is the only server I played, I only play for a few days anyway.
    pls I need some help
    Character name is Rahha and is lvl 42
    Thank you

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    You sure didn't login via facebook or other mail/nickname? Characters don't dissapear all of a sudden.
    If you did that, please submit a ticket.

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      first time I logged via facebook then the page was bookmarked on my browser and it worked many times. this morning I did a refresh and that was it


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        So you logged in this time with the same facebook account and it's telling you to create a new character?

        Happy Chinese New Year!


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          It appears I'm suffering from this as well. I have been logged in for nearly 2 weeks (when I first started playing), with the odd, daily browser refresh. All was well until the refresh today - kept getting a "Please login again" message. Apparently, I never confirmed my email address, but when I tried to re-register, it appeared to work, and I ended up restarting from level 1 with the wrong character. Now, I know the Tickets are in, and it may take some time to get an answer, but I want to know if it is possible and as well as legal (by r2 rules) to create a 3rd character, starting over and just giving up on the other 2? I think the level 7 character will drop off the server after 2 weeks, but my original level 47 character may hang on when he doesn't need to hang on.

          I'm simply confused, and don't know if I did anything wrong (I hope I didn't!). Also, I don't want to do anything wrong by creating/having a 3rd character...

          Incidentally, the only emails I have ever received from r2games are the 2 confirming emails regarding password reset that I submitted today trying to figure this out. i did not receive any communication 2 weeks ago, when I originally signed up, nor were there any receipt messages from generating the two trouble tickets.

          Thoughts, anyone?

          Ticket #s 263893 and 263957
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