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  • Backup Problem

    i make some fights and i see that my Backup didnt show in fight. Fix this please i lost a lot for that
    posicion in CoM and ather things i need that Backup

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    In order for your back-up to show, you need to put it there.
    Can I see a battle-report please? ( And possibly a ss with the back-up hero you have )

    It's the first hour, of the first day
    It's hard without you, I cannot lie
    You were everything, and could have been
    It's the first summer, of the first year
    Today only rain, knocks on my window
    And it reminds me, how much I loved you.

    I fail to emerge
    It's a universe, that wants me to get off
    Fear catches me, and I start calling you.

    It's the first night, when I feel cold
    Your arms can no longer warm me
    A cold soul, I cannot love.


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      It happens from time to time, usually if you remove your backup and put them back in theyll start to show in battle again.


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        My backup occasionally disappear when i swap around characters that are in bup and in the active field, and im not talking about the mini clashes when you have Log checked, im talking about the actual battle even when watching backup never shows or takes over for the first fallen ally. Usually I have to remove them and put them back for them to be in my backup again.