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  • cross server

    is there any information about cross server war? 5 DAYS unable to log in on S 188 .
    then remove it for all other servers ....

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    While TT is on, CS won't be fixed, so Oceanic servers will need to wait until TT will be finished.
    Hopefully CS will be working after TT ends or it will be fixed right away after it ended.

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      thats really a horrible mentality "if system X doesnt work remove from all" seriously? So should the also remove daily blitz and zodiac since it doesnt work for all? Should they also remove tarot since some apparantly have glitch that gives them tons of points and is unfair? I didnt get some of my TT wager prizes, maybe they should remove ability to wager as well since not all rewards are given yes?

      Dont be so selfish in your thinking that you want to ruin the game for others, just play and have fun and hope that it wil be resolved.


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        calm down R23121670 . i dont find fair to have to compete against players from othere servers which are having and using the emblems . no honour points , no emblems 5 days without cross server war , 0 honour points, no emblems . i dont care about the reward from cross server ,but also i dont find a fair competition when some players are having more advantage then anothers.

        about selfish and ur breath for better causes . wait first to know me ...


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          With your logic they should shut the game down because a lot of it isnt fair.

          1. People havent been able to do zodiac for a month, thats a pretty good amount of aegis shards theyve lost meaning GA and main angel abilities suffer - should stop all from zodiac

          2. Some havent been able to do daily blitz, means they cant get gold or angel tears or exp to level - should stop all from doing daily blitzing

          Seriously though, you shouldn't punish the masses for the issues of the minority. Is it fair? No, but neither is punishing the rest of us for something that isnt our fault.


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            on my server , were a lot of features buged or missing . this is not first , and maybe it is a bit too much for be able to have fun and wait ...

            if a feature doesnt work , the admin should block it and fix it . for all . atleast all servers from same group, for ex Oceania.
            its not about punish the masses , its about treating fair ALL players, no matter where they play.
            and is not our fault also . why should we be punished? following your logic , we can die , lose the wars, tournament ...just because you can win ? who is the selfish?
            Last edited by Casidhe; 01-15-2015, 12:20 PM.


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              Its not a punishment for you all, its a bug that needs fixed. 90% of gameplay is single server based so everyone on your server will have the same issues as you meaning very little impact to game. At most the effects would only be cs and TT and since you cant do CS only TT is affected as of right now, so how is it right to legitimately punish servers that are working fine due to other servers having problems?

              In all honesty those emblems only help when the match would be close, I cant count the amount of times Ive forgot about emblems and still won and lost to the same people in both CoM and CS (I get a lot of the same people in my CS) They don't make that big of a difference so that is a bad excuse to use to shut something down for everyone.