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accident recharged

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  • accident recharged

    Need help !! Today i made an accident and recharged my "hobby" character on the same srv.

    I started the game (S57) with a warrior and when released a new Archer class i was curious and i made a new reg/account on the same srv. (S57) i know i wasn stupid thing
    in the beginning i spent for both char with the same (OWN) paypal acc. nowadays i want to rc my big char only...

    Thats why i make a post bcz i rly need of your help guys. pls transfer dias from ArcherJunkie into WorldJunkie !!! ex S57

    Thank you very much in adv!

    ArcherJunkie >> World Junkie ua29 (ex S-57 NoM)
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    Please do not post that here.
    Submit a ticket to our Billing team by clicking => Here
    Add your problem, screen-shots, and wait for an answer from them.
    Thank you.

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      2 chars on same server not allowed?

      not the same mail/acc


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        I checked the ToS and could not find anything saying it is illegal. You are allowed to have more than one account, as long as you do not access more than one account via a single social networking service. I could not find anything regarding it being illegal to have more than one account on a single server. (More than one account on different server is no problem whatsoever). Granted, if the devs tell you to stop using one account, you will have to do that. In any case, to be safe, I would ask a dev if it is fine for you to use two.

        So in short, no conflict with ToS of this site, no conflict I could find with the ToS of LoA, as long as you do not access both accoutns through one social networking site. To be safe, I would ask Gurothos if it is fine.

        Edit: Hope that helped.


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          Originally posted by TylerWin
          and you will be banned for "hobby character" on same server, have fun! )
          u can have like 100 hobbys on the same serv if u want. It's allowed
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            Gurothos please enlight us all .. i think everyone is understanding something different ..


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              We are allowed to have as many toons/alts as we want, but when we use them to support main account , or we log in other ''friend'' account it becomes the illegal part.
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