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Wedding system bugged

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  • Wedding system bugged

    Guys please take a look at the wedding system I hosted a wedding for me and my partner; we still have like 13 minutes to go and my partner ha sto refresh his browser and he cannot get in to the wedding room.. I refrehed the page and it is no longer allowing us to get back to the wedding room... and it didn't give me the rewards.
    my 200 vouchers was wasted in hosting it... please fix it. Thanks!

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    when you host a wedding you should get a host chest and your partner a partner named chest, you dont have to actively enter the wedding to get the rewards, theyre automatically sent to your mail. Are you sure they werent mailed after the time ended?


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      Same thing just happened to me. Both bride and groom wedding parties started, people joined and blessed, then both weddings vanished and nobody got anything at all, including bride and groom. And neither of us can start another since we started those parties already.